Overdose Subject Search – PR 18-08

*UPDATE 2:10 pm* The subject was located and taken in to custody without incident. 

Academy Carrie F Thomas, Walker Creek Elementary and Birdville High placed on soft lock down regarding an overdose subject that was reportedly armed with a handgun.

Shortly before 10:30 am on May 30, 2018 officers were dispatched to the area of 7800 Mockingbird Ln. regarding a report of an attempted overdose. Officers were alerted that the subject may have a handgun and he was last seen leaving the area on foot. The subject is described as a white male, late 40’s, blue t-shirt and blue jean shorts.

Surrounding schools, Carrie F Thomas, Walker Creek Elementary and Birdville High, were asked to take precautionary procedures. Following their given protocols, each school was placed in a soft lockdown for approximately 30 minutes. Due to the scheduled early release, officers were placed at each of the aforementioned schools during pickup/release time.

After a thorough search of the surrounding area, the search was discontinued at about 12:30 pm. No immediate threats to the public were made by the male subject and the department will remain in contact with reporting parties should he return to the area.

Carissa Katekaru

Media Relations Coordinator/Public Information Officer

PR 18-08

Phone: (817) 427-7076

E-Mail: ckatekaru@nrhtx.com

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